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Sales terms & conditions

Article 1 : Acceptance of terms

Acceptance of general conditions of sales is done when validating the order. By proceding
to payment, the user indicates that he fully accepts the general conditions presented.

Article 2 : Sales conclusion

The sale is done between both parties, and the property is owned by the buyer as soon
as the payment is done, no matter what the delivery date is.

Article 3 : Disclosure requirements

Holiday Paris complete its duty of information and advice before the sale.
Essential characteristics of the products are mentioned in detailed description along with article pictures.

Article 4 : Client Account

Registration is not required to access the website, however, registration of the purchaser
is required for placing an order.
Below information are mandatory for the registration:
Title, Full name, Email, Password, Phone number and shipping address.

Article 5 : Prices and means of payments

The price of the article is effective at the moment the order is passed. The payment method include credit card.

The discount codes are not applicable on shipment fees, unless otherwise stated.
The discount code will not be refunded in case of reimbursement.

Article 6 : Delivery fees

The delivery fees will be confirmed to the customer before payment.
Holiday Paris is not liable for any delivery delay.

Article 7 : Unavailability of order

In exceptionnal circumstances, if the item ordered is not available, the customer
can proceed for an exchange or be fully reimbursed of the total sum paid in no later than 30 days.

Article 8 : Quality of Articles

The quantity and quality of the delivered goods shall be those specified at the order Holiday Paris reserves
the right to modify the article to be delivered in the supposition described in paragraph 2
of the Article R132 of the Customer Code. Articles sold by Holiday Paris are guaranteed to be new, according
to the current laws, and were, under no circumstances, previously used.

Article 9 : Non-compliance of the order / Damaged item

It is stated in the Article L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, that Holiday Paris, as a professional,
is strictly liable to the consumer for the proper execution of obligations under the contracted sales agreement.
Holiday Paris may exonerate itself from the responsability by showing the proof the mis-execution
the contract is due to the buyer, or by the impredictable action of a subcontractor or a case of force majeure.
In case of an anomaly at the delivery, if the products are deffectuous or non conform in nature (eg: wrong color),
the customer must in the shortest time or the same day of receiving the order inform Holiday Paris
at the following address:
Any claim done more than 3 days after receiving the product will not be accepted.
The absence of claim or the lack of information by the customer in the 3 days term means
that the articles delivered are satisfying and may not be the case of further liabilities.

Article 10 : Exchange

For any exchange please contact the following address :
All return costs will be taken cared of by the customer, handling the expenses and practical details.
Under no circumstances shall Holiday Paris be held responsible for organizing the returned order shipment.
Products have to be kept in a good condition and be put back in their original packaging, over which must
be added another packaging fully wrapping the product; they must not bear any trace of using and have
all of their accessories. It is only after checking that those conditions are satisfied that Holiday Paris
will proceed to the exchange. Otherwise, the customer will stay the owner of the product.